Flux is Live on Mainnet

Flux is the first protocol and decentralized app to be built and launched on the NEAR Protocol.

Flux is Live on Mainnet 🎉

Imagine a future where everyone has access to open, efficient markets on any commodity, asset, or event at their fingertips — no middleman, no custody of funds, completely permission-less and global.

That future is today.

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Introducing Flux Phase 1.0 🎉

Flux is a scalable open market protocol that enables the creation of markets for any asset or event. As a developer-friendly protocol, Flux allows any developer to incorporate open markets into their application with the Flux open-source javascript SDK in three lines of code. The Flux Open-Source App meanwhile, provides a Robinhood-style trading experience that rivals existing web2.0 apps.

Flux Open Source App

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In the context of the Open Web, Flux is the first protocol and decentralized app to be built and launched on NEAR Protocol: a highly scalable blockchain backed by top tier investors, including a16zMetastable, and Electric. NEAR Protocol recently launched their token on Coinlist, which saw over $150m in interest before selling out all tokens in ~2 hours and crashing Coinlist’s website for two consecutive days.

NEAR enables users on Flux to create and trade prediction markets with low transaction fees under $0.01. As a third-generation decentralized market protocol, Flux is an order of magnitude more advanced than the heavily funded 1st generation decentralized market protocols, who’s market-caps topped $1.2B in 2017 and currently operate on the Ethereum blockchain with transaction fees reaching $145 per trade. Flux incorporates a novel liquidity provision model that leverages a mixture of Automated Market Making (AMM) for price discovery and open, efficient order books. Flux’s oracle design delivers resolution times at a current minimum of 30 minutes with finality, faster than any existing secure, fully decentralized oracle.

Overall, The launch of the Flux Mainnet signifies a monumental development shift for decentralized prediction markets: As Flux continues to rapidly develop — with more than 10 teams already building on the platform — and Augur transaction fees become increasingly unfeasible for mainstream users, the future of open-market innovation has moved to NEAR.

As an Open-Web project, Flux is committed to a vision of permissionless access to open markets from any individual, enterprise, or developer: Users come first, and trading can flourish with low transaction costs, deep liquidity, and short resolution times.

With the launch of the Flux mainnet, a data-driven future starts today.

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