Flux Update - July 2020

Flux Community Update

Peter Mitchell

Behind the Scenes at Flux

Over July, we’ve taken considerable strides toward Phase 1 of our main-net launch. Phase 1 will consist of Flux Protocol on main-net with the introduction of DAI ( a stable coin pegged to the USD ) for trading. Phase 1 will also feature the update of our open-source app and SDK to enable developers to start preparing for testing and eventual launch on Flux. In addition to tech updates, we have many exciting programs and communities popping up on and around Flux to support our ecosystem.


Our team has taken the last steps to prepare for Flux Phase 1, which included porting over first ERC-20 tokens from Ethereum Ropsten test-net to NEAR test-net using the NEAR Rainbow bridge in preparation for the real deal on Ethereum/NEAR mainnet.

Flux Phase 1

Phase 1 will be a permissioned launch of the protocol to begin onboarding apps, users, and testing the mechanics in the wild. The Flux team will have an admin key to perform protocol upgrades and will distribute DAI to users that are invited for trading in this closed launch.


Flux Protocol Github

  • Trading ( all trades will be denominated in main-net DAI )

  • Resolving Markets ( any user will have the ability to stake DAI to resolve a market )

  • Disputing Markets ( any user can either stake a full dispute bond or crowdsource a bond )

  • Market Creation ( any user can create a market and provide initial liquidity )

Open-Source App

Flux App Github

Our team did a full redesign of the Flux open-source app from the ground up to completely reimagine UX not only in crypto but in the web2 space for trading on prediction markets.

Introducing the new face of Flux 🎉

This update includes:

  • Market Creation Tab

  • Toggle between governance view and trading

  • Selecting Categories

  • Summary view for current market trends

  • Chart view

  • Orderbook view

  • Trade overview and approval window

  • Light / Dark modes

Flux Indexer Node

Flux Indexer Node Github

  • Maintains a state copy of Flux Protocol

  • Powers the charts and order books on Flux

  • Exposes the REST API


We are proud to announce many new programs and resources that will benefit the community.

Flux Beta Program

At Flux, we don’t believe in the ethos, “if you build it, they will come." Our guiding mission is to provide open markets any developer can simply plug into in 3 lines of code to enable skin in the game markets on an infinite range of possibilities.

We are offering a grant in the form of $FLUX token to projects launching on MainNet with Flux later this summer. This grant will be $50,000 in $FLUX.

Apply now!

Flux Social Incentive Program

This program gives content creators, users, and enthusiasts a way to use FLUX as a tool to incentivize and engage with their unique communities. Flux supports verticals on a diverse range of markets — esports, crypto, startups, venture capital, memes, sports, politics, to name a few. The Social Incentive Program rewards these communities for creating quality markets, content, and gives users a way to participate in governance and resolution on the protocol.

What is a Flux Validator?

We do a bitesize breakdown of Flux Validators and how they make money on Flux.

What’s happening in the Community

Augur launched Version 2.0

Gas prices are soaring with users paying between $30-$145 to make a trade. The gas spent on one Augur transaction can finance between 3,000 and 14,500 trades on Flux.

A new Flux meme community

We are supporting this community by awarding the meme with the most likes on Twitter by August 31 with $100 in $FLUX.

Thanks for reading. Till next month!

— Flux Team